Best summer editorials featuring lightness, elegance and autumn preludes.


Bright colours, minimalism and the perfect combination of fabrics such as linen and cotton outlined the lightweight feel conveyed by the best editorials of July. Solutions for pulling off summer looks with style and sophistication on the pages of Gentleman range from the dark blue polo shirt over khaki colour trousers and beige moccasins, to the more casual approach of a dark green linen shirt over cotton boxers, for those long hazy summer days with a sea view.

L’Uomo Vogue presents a completely different style, presenting us with a timeless classic: the white shirt. The undisputed star of modern and alternative looks, here it is ready to be enhanced by lots and lots of black.

Black & white is also the flavour of the day for Style Magazine, which grabs the opportunity to propose the man’s white shirt as the go-to garment for a host of daring mix & matches.

The fashion magazines of August already offer us a preview of the fabrics, colours and patterns of the first trends for autumn, from bright red shirts and multi-coloured checks, such as in the case of Gentleman. Instead the look spotlighted by Style Magazine is formal but not too formal, stylish and a tad nostalgic, while the Spanish magazine Woman includes the evergreen white shirt in an elegant sea dog outfit.

The innovative technology and practicality of the brand new Active-shirt by Xacus continues to make a splash in the September magazines, which begin to match warmer fabrics and nuances in preparation for the cold winter weather. In Gentleman&Lei, the Xacus linen shirt with mother-of-pearl buttons is topped off with a baggy pullover in jacquard cashmere and a pair of sophisticated velvet jeans.

Blouses, shirt dresses and loose shirts also take over from summer dresses and T-shirts in the women’s outfits featured in the most important national newspapers such as la Repubblica, Il Messaggero and Moda 24. The craftsmanship and innovation that go into making the fabrics used in the Xacus shirts are also the keywords for these editorial icons.

And in keeping with the theme, it was the publication Icon that chose a casual take on the Oxford and satin regimental stripes from our offering. The Travel-shirt, the evolution of the non-iron shirt, in light blue cotton, and the silk shirt feature respectively on the pages of Style Dresscode and Fashion Magazine, focusing on the grand wrinkle-free innovations of a 2019 full of surprises.