The evolution of the non-iron shirt: the Merino-shirt


After the great success of the Active-shirt collection, another flagship product in The Journey Collection by Xacus is ready to come on show to our best customers and e-commerce. 

We’re talking about the Merino-shirt, the epitome of high technological content in tailoring designed for the man who is always off on trips and seeks a breathable and heat-regulating shirt which can at the same time guarantee even greater comfort compared with the classic non-iron shirt.

This man’s shirt is made from an unadulterated fabric, thanks to the prestigious collaboration with Reda, masters of processing “Made in Italy” wool. The garments are produced with 100% top-quality New Zealand merino wool, following “ethical” and sustainable production systems that do not resort to the technique of “mulesing”: the sheep from which the wool is taken are treated humanely, are well fed and live a natural, healthy life.


This is why the wool fibres of the Merino-shirts are very high quality and guarantee maximum performance, because they are made from wool selected and produced through the sustainable management of environmental, economic and social resources to safeguard the wellbeing of the animals.

And so we have the evolution of the non-iron shirt that protects the body from sudden changes in temperature and can be easily machine-washed. But above all, the Merino-shirt, when worn, has the great capacity to look always as neat as if it has been freshly ironed.