X-CARE is here, the first shirt in the world that keeps germs and microbes at bay.


Xacus has a great new product that is not only a confirmation  to the innovative and technological spirit of the The Journey Collection, but also of the high level of customer needs.


X-CARE is the shirt that takes care of those who wear them, keeping them healthy as it is made using a technology applied to the fabrics that can eliminate germs and microbes. There is a path of unique research behind the project, that was able to combine top performance with the unmistakeable elegance of Xacus to create cutting-edge shirts from every point of view, including style and technical input.


Thanks to HeiQ - Viroblock treatment, applied exclusively for Xacus by Albini Group, the technology actively inhibits the diffusion of viruses and bacteria, also including Sars CoV-2 the virus responsible for Covid 19. The patented Viroformula™ treatment destroys the viruses via the use of silver particles, which act as the activator for high spectrum antiviral reactions, or via liposomes, which dissolves the viral membrane, thus helping to reduce the risk, contamination speed and transmission of all pathogenic agents.


This exclusive treatment lasts up to 30 washes in the washing machine at standard temperatures. It does not alter the properties or the quality of fabrics, it is dermatologically tested, therefore it does not irritate skin. It is also eco-sustainable and does not create any further environmental pollution.


X-CARE will be available from the month of August at our retailers in Poplin, Stretch Poplin, Royal Oxford and Twill fabrics, in both men’s and women’s versions. A project born from the worldwide need to look to the future with increased safety and once again highlight the proactive, enterprising nature that is our brand’s DNA.

X-CARE is another step forward to building a better, brighter future for people and the environment, together with our loyal customers.