Xacus and Green Pea: together for eco-sustainability.


The world’s first Green Retail Park is opening in Turin’s Lingotto area at Christmas 2020. This is a new business venture by Oscar Farinetti, organiser of Eataly. Green Pea is an unprecedented project which, with the motto “From duty to beauty”, aims to change our shopping habits forever.

This eco-sustainable shopping centre is in fact entirely dedicated to respect for the environment, shown through the sale of products and services constructed in harmony with the earth, the air, water and people. This respect isn’t to be considered so much a duty as, to all intents and purposes, a pleasure. And how? By changing consumer habits when it comes to clothing, interior design, energy and cars, as well educating people to use goods and items more responsibly. 

This is an important mission, encapsulated inside a tiny symbol with a great ethical value: a green pea, the inspiration behind the storyboard for the whole project, which will also be used on every product sold as an emblem for the respect and sense of responsibility towards the planet’s future.

A 15,000 square-metre building on five floors, built with recovered wood and powered with renewable energy, will become a hub for eco-compatible shopping as well as hosting those brands that have made sustainability their banner.

These include Xacus, which has always been attentive to the health of the planet and in the front line when it comes to applying virtuous production processes with low environmental impact. Our sustainable shirts will be sold in a 60 square-metre shop in shop on the second floor of Green Pea, which will be entirely dedicated to clothing. Together with other Italian and international names, we are about to become the voices for the aims and essential values of ethical fashion.