An important meeting, a business breakfast. A long-awaited meeting with a special person.
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Occasions to be approached wearing the right shirt.
To bring out your personality,
without leaving aside elegance.

Collar and accessories

Every individual can choose from the wide selection of accessories and details, benefiting from the opportunity to show off their own particular style: like the unmistakeable buttons in dazzling white Australian mother-of-pearl, with a lily-shaped fastening which make the garments look exclusive and elegant. The collars, mainly Italian and French-style, come in different shapes and proportions, with interiors that are soft but always stiff.

A quarter of the armhole is hand-sewn inside, a detail that produces an impeccable fit, free from visible seams on the external part of the yoke. The shirts are pre-washed and ironed, giving them a unique soft feel: this gives us the sensation that we are wearing a shirt that has always been part of our wardrobe, and which is therefore unique and personal.


A quality shirt is made with perfect materials. It is the choice of the fabric that determines the style of the garment and makes it unique. Warp and weft are woven skilfully together using different methods, depending on the fabric chosen, such as poplin, smooth to the touch and hard-wearing; shiny twill thanks to the light reflected from its almost imperceptible diagonal pattern. The yarns are all delicate, in keeping with the weights of the season, yet almost only the double twisted variety feature, with a thread count of up to 140/2, or precious, lightweight 80/1 single yarns, made with the finest cottons in the world. The designs available are refined but at the same time full of character: small gingham checks, elegant classic stripes, colourful English stripes and plain colours, made with sophisticated fine weaves. The result is a collection of shirts that can be matched with unlined or de-structured suits, creating a style and elegance that look and feel formal, but not excessively so, the true business casual style.

Exquisite materials and the exemplary taste of fine quality tailoring combine to make unique garments that help us stand out in every professional occasion or important date.