There are choices just waiting to be made. Every day. Commitments, appointments, looming deadlines. And they all need to be met with style, without ever being caught unprepared.
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The right clothes say a lot about their wearer.
They reflect attention to detail, care, and a love of things that look good.

Collar and accessories

Impeccably made with prime-quality materials, taste and passion: the classic shirt is perfect for formal occasions every day, where it is essential to show up looking neat, elegant, and sober.

A wide range of collars mean that you can wear a single shirt, in line with your tastes. From the Kent collar to the cutaway - averagely open or very open - there is a vast range to choose from; it all depends on personal taste, the occasion, and even the country you are in. The use of cuff links is also a “must have”, leaving room for the choice of personal accessories.


The fabrics are extremely fine and often feature cottons that cannot be found anywhere else. Poplin, twill, jacquard, Royal Oxford and Oxford have fine, elegant weaves. They are used to created quality designs, as can be seen in the ultra-fine single or double twist yarns. But it is not just the richness of the materials that makes the difference: the fit of each garment has an important part to play. Specific attention surely goes to the wrinkle free models, which won’t crease even if worn all day long. The ideal shirts for travel, when you need to look elegant and also neat. The bright colours range from white through to pale blue. There are also some delicate Vichy and needlecord effects which, although they are timeless designs, never fail to add a touch of creative flair.

Precious fabrics, perfect fits and elegant style make these shirts a classic clothing item for any occasion. So that you can always show off your impeccable style and elegance.