Night time is the right time to let yourself go. Staying awake, without ever missing a second of what’s going on around you.
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Music. Looks. Raising a glass.
The right shirt on your skin,
feeling good and finally free not to conform.

Collar and accessories

All fashion shirts stand out for their very slim fit, and they are accompanied by elegant designs with fine workmanship and detailing that is not commonly found on a classic shirt. These items are sewn with great expertise and designed to perfectly mould to the contours of the body, remaining essential, almost minimal.

Artisan workmanship and extreme attention to detail make these shirts unique, both in terms of their top-level tailoring and the choice of designs. The collars are often small, while the cuff seams are narrower to create the feel of a cleaner style, while the openings near the cuff are often covered to become almost invisible. Even the choice of buttons, which come in different materials, can fall on colours that contrast with the fabric, adding a touch of personality that won’t go unnoticed.


The fabrics are mostly stretch to guarantee maximum freedom to move. Apart from the classic bright white, colours tend to be dark, focusing mainly on elegant blues and greys in prime cotton satins or poplin, smooth to the touch and always elegant. The different yarn compositions mean the fabrics can have different levels of sheen and a more or less silky feel according to preference. The fabrics in the fashion line leave lots of room for interpretation, from florals to geometric patterns, and refined effects using tone-on-tone designs. Materials with a wealth of detailing, which stand out and are appreciated on both special occasions and wherever a touch of personality is needed.

The fashion shirt is ideal for evenings out or even for everyday wear when a certain elegance is required- and why not? With its eclectic feel, clean-cut lines or specific shapes and fabrics, the fashion shirt is a great fit for personal preferences and stands out for its own unique style.