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Far from the everyday chaos and restrictions that sometimes make us feel trapped. In search of internal harmony and encounters that make us feel better.
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It is our free time and sport that this shirt allows us to enjoy to the full, combining the comfort of quality fabrics with all the attention to detail of an artisan creation in accordance with the rules of top quality men's shirts.

Collar and accessories

A casual shirt that, depending on the kind of model chosen, leaves room for a variety of interpretations. You can choose from French, Italian or Mandarin collars as well as a bowling collar and numerous other style variants. For example, the shirt with classic pockets or flap pockets; the Western shirt and the polo shirt. The accessories have been carefully selected, like the natural Trocas mother of pearl buttons, or those produced in wood or horn.

The shirt has a “lived-in” look thanks to the special washes that bring it to life, ready to tell the story of the person wearing it. The shirt's collar and cuffs are fully deconstructed giving it a pleasant softness when in contact with the skin.


The materials used for tailoring a shirt can be of classic matrix but worked on so that they assume a renewed look. We are referring to fabrics for shirts with different designs to produce check shirts, printed shirts without forgetting the timeless denim shirts. The opportunities for wearing them are endless: a creased, fresh linen shirt for a Spring picnic by the lakeside, check flannel shirt that instils warmth in a mountain lodge, indigo denim for casual dinners in the company of friends as well as for wearing under a jacket on more formal occasions.

It is of no importance what you do when relaxing, what counts is that you feel at ease, with the right harmony to enjoy the moment.