3 perfect outfits for a casual, elegant summer


Summer: the time for boat-trips, strolling along the sea-front, pre-dinner drinks with friends and dinner at the villa. If we want to enjoy a well-earned rest and feel that we’re really on holiday, we need to feel light and comfortable especially when it’s very hot. But we mustn’t forget to combine our clothes wisely in order to slim down our figure and lend that touch of elegance that’s always acceptable, whether at the sea or in town. This is why we’ve thought up 3 simple outfits to make you feel footloose and fancy-free in this hot summer.

Polo-shirt and cool suit: a chic compromise

The shirt-suit combination is certainly a hallmark of great elegance but with the hot summer it may prove impossible. So what could be the summer alternative to this great classic? First of all the choice of suit, which may be in linen or lightweight cotton so as to ensure a perfect temperature, in combination with a cool, cool polo-shirt in cotton or a silk-mix yarn for maximum comfort. It makes for a chic, comfortable and fresh look, which can be livened up with colour contrasts: a dark blue suit is perfect with a white polo-shirt while, but if the suit is in light colour tones, one can opt for a dark green polo-shirt. To complete the look, informal canvas sneakers add a touch that’s always on-trend.

Short-sleeved shirt and chinos: sporty and elegant

The choice of a short-sleeved shirt is ideal for the more casual, sporty look which is essential in the summertime. The important thing is to play with the right combinations and contrasts: we might think of a bowling shirt, like the ones in the Xacus Heritage Capsule, patterned in shades of brown matched with a pair of beige slim chino trousers. For pre-dinner drinks on the seafront, we can combine a white short-sleeved shirt with narrow collar to grey chinos with a slight turnup and comfortable espadrilles.

Linen shirt and shorts: a taste for the casual

When the heat dies down, the long-sleeved linen shirt returns to take centre stage, giving you an elegant, well-groomed look; matched with shorts it creates a more casual effect, also perfect for a boat trip. This is a traditional choice, suitable for everyone, which is based on the right combination of materials and colour tones. We might consider a relaxed-fit linen shirt with mandarin collar, maybe worn with buttons slightly opened and sleeves rolled up, matched with light-coloured shorts. The look is completed by sneakers or boat shoes in either suede or leather, giving the outfit a fresh, casual touch.


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