4 ways to roll up the sleeves on a men's shirt


Rolling up the sleeves on a shirt is a gesture that is familiar to any man.
Whether because of the heat or because you need to bare your arms, it’s something you do out of necessity. But if we are talking about shirts, when it comes to style, then you can find it even in the smallest of details.

Xacus Camicie has four different ways for you to roll up the sleeves on a man’s shirt for practical, cool-looking results.

The Master Roll – To make the most of the colour or the pattern around the cuff

Unbutton the cuff. Roll up the sleeve to about two widths of the cuff and then smooth out any folds created.
Roll the bottom one more time, leaving only the top edge of the cuff exposed.
Lastly, hold the top edge of the turn-up in place and smooth out any final creases.

The AIFA Roll – Ideal for those with shorter or thinner arms

After unbuttoning the cuff, roll up the sleeve by about the same height as the cuff itself and then once again, by the same amount.
Don’t smooth out any creases, as these give the casual touch to a man’s shirt.

The High Roll – Perfect for informal shirts

Lay the shirt on a flat surface and unbutton the cuff. Fold the sleeve by the same width as the cuff and repeat this fold a second time, making sure to cover the crease of the first fold. Roll the sleeve up twice more, until it is well above elbow length.

The Band Roll – For an alternative, but elegant look

Unbutton the cuff and fasten a band around the sleeve, just a little above the elbow. Pull the sleeve fabric upwards until it covers the band under its folds, then smooth any creases.

Now you know the trendiest ways to roll up your shirt sleeves, you can choose the perfect one to suit your style and taste.

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