A Christmas gift for her: a women’s shirt to reflect the infinite facets of her personality


A Christmas gift for her? The infinite versions of a women’s shirt can reflect a whole world, through the different facets of a woman’s personality, her tastes and also the most important moments of her day. A shirt can help define her style, like a faithful accomplice with an unbeatable look. A key wardrobe staple, with the customary elements that all women - sisters, partners, best friends - agree on. First of all, the absolute must-have, always and every season, is the infamous white shirt. Because, who doesn’t have at least one in their wardrobe?

The white shirt is an established item on the unisex clothing panorama,due to its ability to transcend any trend, time, or season. A white shirt can be seen as the ubiquitous element in any outfit by anyone who has looked at the evolution of fashion history. However, details, ruffles, precious appliqués, fitted styles and elaborate collars have given the purest version of the shirt its undeniably feminine appeal.  
Just like for the most successful men's models, the classic cutaway collars and cuffs that embody sober elegance are making way for bolder styles, including some versions where embroidery and beading are used to create looks that flirt with the very latest catwalk trends.


The Oxford shirt is another timeless shirt that has also won a place in women’s fashions, with the speckled casual chic appearance that has been an exclusive of this model since its very inception. Its success has opened the way for must-haves in ordinary masculine style that in the space of a few years have become popular with women who like classics, irrespective of gender styling, who have fallen in love with the dotted effect that is typical of the Oxford shirt.

Everyone knows that women love to reinvent their looks, to show different sides of themselves: from the more classical to something cooler or more flamboyant, enough to stop them feeling ordinary or always the same. Looking through the fashion archives, among the pieces that have shown the best ability for renewal - with more lives than the average cat - is the denim shirt. Now back on the catwalk in rock versions, with vintage effects and covered in studs, or country style, with leather belts, tartan ponchos and fringes, or romantic, with ruffled collars and buttons, and classic - the most similar to a men’s version - to wear under a blazer or cashmere sweater. A key piece, with the ability to tone down an ultra-feminine look or to add a cool touch to a romantic outfit with a full skirt and an oh-so-perfect 4-inch heel.

There are those who have thought of an original but above all elegant way to put a gift under the tree that suits every personality. Xacus has designed a refined all-black package that is customised at the time of purchase, with a special message and the recipient’s name, to express the authentic personality of every customer who chooses a Xacus shirt.

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