A linen shirt is a summer 2018 must have


If we’re talking about the perfect summer shirt, the keyword is linen. Cool, soft and as light as a feather, the linen shirt is perfect, easy to wear when the temperatures rise and one wants to look both very classy and relaxed. The man who wears linen appears to be charmingly intellectual and at the same time a free spirit, a bit like the style icon Robert Redford in the role of the adventurous explorer Denys Finch-Hatton in “Out of Africa”, with his unforgettable outfits featuring linen shirts in neutral shades of khaki and beige recalling distant desert lands.

The Xacus Spring Summer 2018 men’s collection of linen shirts proposes a wide range of garments made of this precious material, a fibre with ancient origins much appreciated in the world of haute couture for its extraordinary ability to absorb moisture. This quality makes it an extremely comfortable fabric, even when worn in direct contact with the skin, and hyopallergenic because it is 100% natural. Linen is characterized by a three-dimensional texture and characteristic irregularities, while its rigid fibre means that linen shirts have an unmistakable wrinkled effect.


The linen shirt can be presented in many different ways, in various textures and a choice of plain colours ranging from pink, light blue, brown and military green to timeless white, as well as original prints and patterns. A linen shirt with a Korean collar – the essential highly fashionable detail – is a must have this summer.

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