A man’s shirt, the perfect gift under the Christmas tree


The countdown to Christmas has officially begun, as well as the frantic rush to search for gifts for loved ones. If you are trekking around the shops looking for the perfect gift in this period too and you don’t know what to buy, we have a solution: have you thought of giving a man’s shirt?

It is certainly an original choice, useful and above all very stylish! In fact, a shirt is a symbol of class and elegance and the garment that every man absolutely must have, or already has, in their wardrobe. In which case it is always better to have a number of different shirts to wear on various occasions. But to come to the point: how and what shirt should you choose?

If the gift is for your father, we would suggest you get a white shirt, timeless classic that he will definitely appreciate. A man’s shirt must, above all, fit perfectly, so choose carefully, perhaps a tailor custom shirt, somewhere between comfortable and slim fitting is the model that works for most body types. Other details to look for are the type of collar and the fabric: a shirt made of cotton twill with a spread collar, for example, is the right choice for a flawless, refined look, while a button down shirt in Oxford fabric is perfect for a more casual outfit.

A shirt is a great gift for your son too. A casual, sporty model can be just right for him. You could opt for a checked flannel shirt, or a velvet or denim shirt, depending on his taste and style. These soft and drstructured shirts are very comfortable and perfect for those who want to be trendy at any time of the day.

And if the gift is for a good friend of yours, you might like to consider a man’s shirt with his initials embroidered on it. A shirt can be personalized in many ways; therefore, we would suggest that you read this brief guide on how to choose the right embroidery. A really original idea that shows how important his friendship is to you.

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