A shirt for Christmas - a timeless men’s wardrobe classic for sustainable quality


Christmas is all about the gifts. The theme of one of the oldest festivities in the world, is tied to the fact that it really is the thought that counts. An established custom that, thanks to its popular appeal, has us all seeking the best way to surprise the ones we love. The same night, at the same time, the party atmosphere infects us all, large and small, making us believe that every day is better when we share it.
It’s the perfect opportunity to choose a gift that offers all the values of Made in Italy, with an eye to sustainability and which also pays homage to the environment.  Another reason to choose an Active shirt, because it is made using clean electricity, with low CO2 emissions and less water waste: just 50 litres are needed to make one Active shirt, compared to 2700 for a cotton shirt.

A white shirt is always a success, a must-have in any men’s or women’s wardrobe. In the weird and wonderful panorama of fashion, the white shirt is a timeless piece with bags of potential when it comes to renewal - for designers who create their own versions with unusual constructions and outfits that make it appealing to customers looking for something a little less run of the mill, like millennials. A white shirt adapts perfectly to younger styles, where looks are mixed with based on collections of kicks or less formal items, paving the way for one of the on-trend looks of the moment, known as athleisure.

Another timeless ally of contemporary man is the Oxford shirt. Its well-known warp, formed with double, twisted threads in a different colour, and another soft white thread that gives it an unmistakable speckled appearance, which has made it one of the most popular shirts for entire generations. Above all, because of its versatile use and comfort. The Oxford was created for wearing in less formal settings, but it is not difficult to find it in outfits destined for the business world.

Also on the theme of timeless items that have become part of fashion history, the denim shirt is one of the most popular ideas this season. Its return to the spotlight is down to designers and VIPs, who have shown it to full advantage on catwalks and red carpets, from its laziest style with leather belts and waistcoats, to more chic versions under a dinner jacket, re-awakening a whole range of different customers to the desire to join the denim tribe.
And if the choice of content is important when it comes to touching the heart of the recipient, we can definitely save our loved ones from chaotic, impersonal wrapping choices. Your specially chosen gift will become perfect in the elegant, sober packaging designed by Xacus, with the recipient’s name and a dedicated message, all in impeccable graphic style. 

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