A tie, shirt and jacket combination: nothing... simpler!


You’re thinking that it’s not easy to match a tie, shirt and jacket. Combining the fabrics, colours and weaves or patterns of three different items of clothing is definitely complex, without considering that even sizes play their part. Let’s look at how easy it can be to get the right look with a tie, jacket and shirt.

First of all, the shirt and jacket.
If there are three items to match up, then it is important to start with the most expensive ones, before finding the best combination. You will more than likely have more shirts and ties than jackets in your wardrobe, which is why it is important to start with the jacket.
For the easiest combination, choose a jacket in a neutral, solid colour, such as blue or black. The same thing applies to shirts: white or blue are definitely the easiest to match.

It’s a matter of proportions
Matching ties means taking size into account and making sure this is right for the jacket. As a rule of thumb, the best size for a tie ranges from 7.5 cm to 8.5 cm wide. Anything wider risks looking too wide and overshadowing the other garments; anything narrower will make you seem stouter.
Finally, to perfect your outfit, you should choose a tie in the same width as the jacket lapels, balancing out the proportions.

Matching tie patterns
Your usual shop will stock different types of tie, each one with a different pattern. You can choose spots or polka dots, stripes in different widths, the classic solid colours, small repeated patterns, or even paisley, the famous droplet-shaped design that originated in Persia.
There is just one simple rule to follow: the tie pattern must never perfectly match the pattern on the shirt. It is best to create a slight contrast.

Combining tie colours.
Matching a tie in cooler shades is easier because it works well with light-coloured shirts and jackets, and with simple patterns. If you want to create a more elegant outfit, then add warm shades: red, orange and yellow, are perfect with dark blue or anthracite grey.

Tie fabrics
A last tip for matching shirts, jackets and ties: consider the fabric. You can’t ever go wrong with a tie in silk (or silk blend) because it works well on all occasions in all seasons. Wool and cashmere ties are less formal and perfect winter wear. If you are putting together an informal summer look, then the best ties are in linen or cotton.

Now we have said a little about the basics for matching a tie with a shirt and jacket, you can have lots of fun combining the three different items and their countless different features.

  • Cristian
    Salve, Ho intenzione di indossare una giacca blu (di cotone tipo primaverile/estiva) con (avendoli già) un pantalone di cotone bianco o ghiaccio... E cintura e mocassino blu. Sapreste consigliarmi la camicia e cravatta da abbinare? Occasione battesimo. Grazie
    • › Giada - xacus -
      Buon pomeriggio Cristian e grazie per averci scritto. Il nostro consiglio è di orientarti sulla scelta di una camicia a riga larga, che nel tuo caso rappresenta sicuramente un must have, oppure una camicia con quadretto piccolo o vichy. In questa sezione del nostro sito puoi trovare esempi di camicie blu a righe molto marcate https://eshop.xacus.com/it_it/camicie-uomo/shop-by-style/business-casual. Ad ogni modo, visto il pantalone bianco, ti conviene evitare senza dubbio camicie celesti molto chiare. Per qualunque ulteriore dubbio non esitare a contattarci! A presto
    Buonasera, ho intenzione di indossare un abito doppiopetto blu scuro con mocassino doppia fibbia marrone scuro. Che cravatta mi consigliate? P.S: sono il testimone di nozze dello sposo.
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