A touch of yellow for a sunnier look


There are many trends awaiting us in the upcoming summer 2018. One of them? Yellow! The colour beloved by impressionist artists Matisse and Gauguin because of its energy, in the world of fashion has always been deemed a controversial one because it is difficult to wear and to combine. This until today. Because yellow, in its infinite shades and hues, can find many combinations and bring brightness to everyone’s wardrobe. For this reason, yellow could not be missing from the spring-summer collection of women’s shirts by Xacus, which plays with pastel colours, light fabrics, transparencies and floral patterns to give your look a touch of energy and vitality.

Among the models offered by Xacus there are Pina, the women’s shirt with a classic cut, fitted at the waist and with a spread collar. The weaving of small white and yellow lines makes it a perfect shirt to wear over a pair of dark blue denims for a casual look, or white trousers for a chic outfit. Bolder is Giselle. Created in transparent golden silk, this shirt is perfect for those who wish to combine sensuality and elegance in a single item of clothing.

Renè, instead, is a lively sleeveless shirt in poplin featuring a yellow and white square pattern characterized by a pleats weave on the front portion of the neck. Light colours, a flared cut and the asymmetric length make Renè a shirt that is fresh and versatile, great to wear also as a mini-dress combined to leggings for more casual occasions. Finally, in the spring-summer collection by Xacus inspired by yellow, there is also Ginny: the cotton top with white background and decorated by stylized yellow flower patterns. It is perfect to wear on its own or under a jacket to bring to the office a breath of fresh energy-filled air.

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