Albini woven eco-cotton for Xacus shirts


Xacus is always ready to embark on new paths, to experiment, to think outside the box.
This is why some of its shirts are made in ECOtone, a double twist fabric made with organic cotton by Albini.

The special type of cotton used to make ECOtone is organically grown without the use of insecticides, pesticides, chemical fertilisers or genetically modified seeds.
This type of cultivation has been made possible through the introduction of predatory insects, a natural alternative to chemical products, and also thanks to the manual removal of weeds and the use of 100% natural fertilisers.
What this means is that there is no impact on the groundwater and the use of water is cut back to a minimum, thanks to the use of crop rotation that leaves soil more fertile and therefore, with less need for water.
ECOtone is grown in an eco-friendly manner and the fabric it makes is hypoallergenic, breathable and super comfortable.

An important as well as brave ethical choice that links the fashion world to sustainable progress, without compromising on the quality fabrics or style that are so characteristic of Made in Italy.

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