All about shirts: timeless Poplin


With the arrival of the warmer season, it is time to add cooler fabrics to the wardrobe for this period of the year, with its mid-range temperatures.

It’s time for poplin, a plain, lightweight fabric that is compact and at the same time, soft. It is also known as “popeline” and owes its name to a fine woollen fabric that was made for and worn exclusively by the pope. There is no reference to specific fibres, but it can be made in cotton, silk, viscose or other blended fibres.
On this fabric, the weft is thicker than the warp and this gives the fabric its characteristic striped effect. Cotton poplin is particularly thick and stands out for its notable resistance to wear, to time and to washes. If in fact you have shirts that are often worn about the collar, due to beard or stubble, then this is the best choice of fabric. It is also said that an excellent quality white poplin shirt, such as giza 87 by Albini, becomes brighter and brighter, wash after wash.
A poplin shirt is like a second skin and it is ideal for springtime, when the temperature ranges from moderately cool in the morning and evening, to warmer in the central hours in the day. It drapes softly over the body and at the same time, shows off the figure. Sweaters and jackets glide easily over this smooth fabric, making it ideal for layering with other garments.

Poplin is perfect for making men’s and women’s shirts, but it is also used to make coats, jackets and some suits.

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