August with Olimpia, the women’s shirt with multifaceted appeal


Cool, soft and light: these three qualities perfectly describe the feel of wearing Olimpia.
This printed linen shirt has a blue, geometric motif that sets out one of the natural colours of the summer: soft sand.

Olimpia is Xacus’s August proposal because it is perfect in high temperatures, thanks to its core in linen, the quintessential summer fabric that insulates against heat and keeps the body feeling fresh and cool.

This women’s shirt with its important name that is hard to forget, has a multifaceted character that makes it ideal for wear on any occasion.
It is so soft and loose that it can be a cover-up for the beach pool, or worn during pre-dinner drinks overlooking the sea, as the sun begins to set.
The wide side splits add movement and a dynamic feel that make this the perfect shirt for an informal party at a friend’s home or around the pool, where you can spend the evening with your feet in the pool, sipping an ice-cold cocktail.
Its simple nature means this is the perfect women’s shirt for a relaxing morning or evening stroll.

Wear buttoned halfway and with the sleeves rolled up to create a casual look in line with the summer mood.
This is a linen shirt by Xacus to dress the woman who is sure of her femininity, who loves a discreet but never dull style, and who never intends to do without her comfort.

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