Beauty, precision, and elegance. Shirts on film, as seen by Luca Campri


A campaign dedicated to the contemporary man is the image created for Xacus by photographer Luca Campri, who shot a story on film to highlight the sartorial value  of the shirts in the SS 2022 collection.

A dynamic look to showcase the profile of the man who plays a leading role in a whole new era, where the value of everyday elegance and attention to detail are priority. The doors are opening on a new era, when male and female aesthetics are increasingly close and increasingly elevated: quality and beauty are now running side by side on the tracks that dictate the rules of Italian style. It’s a story that takes place between the walls of one of the most representative locations of Italian culture: the Maxxi Museum in the capital of the Dolce Vita, home to the cultural vanguard of next-generation art.


The theme of the campaign, the perfect and increasingly performing shirt from Xacus, from the slim fit that makes the most of the male body, fitting like a second skin, to a model that is more classic but still with a contemporary twist, a shirt created for today’s new man, who doesn’t want to miss out on style, comfort or freedom of movement. The theme is impeccable fits and sartorial details on white and striped shirts, the keeper of business style, or the white evening shirt with covered button placket, where nothing is left to chance: French cuffs, frilled dickey and collar are the calibrated elements of a symphony.

A celebration of the warm season, the new spring season for the shirt, which is back as the key piece in a formal/informal look to be worn with pride and precision by men or women, any time of day. A shirt can express a state of mind, a rediscovered feeling of security outside the domestic walls, under the harsh light of the sun, told through the cultural freedom of a place where freedom of expression in itself, creativity and beauty dance across the countryside, as photographed through the lens of Luca Campri for Xacus SS22.

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