Black Friday: choose from this season’s most on-trend shirts


The Black Friday weeks are here, the hottest period of the year for Christmas shopping and for those looking to renew their wardrobe, knowing they can count on special offers and promotions especially for loyal customers.

The term Black Friday is the informal name used in the United States to refer to the Friday after Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of november. This is because, since 1952, the day after Thanksgiving has been considered the start of the country’s Christmas shopping season, even if the term "Black Friday" comes from the latest generation in communication.
It's a fantastic opportunity to make special purchases and to buy top-quality Christmas gifts, but at special prices.  There are some companies that make the most of this period to dedicate even more exclusive offers to their top clients.
Out of the endless ideas to make our loved ones happy, there are clothes items that will be a safe bet when it comes to gifts. These include a well-made shirt, where the value is easily recognised from the quality of the fabrics and the impeccable tailoring.  Whether the recipient is a man or woman, there’s always room for an extra shirt in the wardrobe. And shirts have never been so on trend fashionwise as in the last two years, coming out of the box that sees them simply as timeless classics. 

This is the case of the denim shirt, which is currently all over the catwalks and red carpets, with our most popular celebrities interpreting it in a western key or using it to add a bolder twist to the classic dinner jacket.
For those with an addiction to the great classics, the essential formal shirts, the most popular choice when it comes to everyday business wear, which today, are available in a vast range that offers more comfort, thanks to developed fibres such as active, which has given a freer, more dynamic feel to milleraies striped shirts in timeless solid colours, next-generation woven fabrics, and micro designs with Kent and cutaway collars for a fresher-looking classic that is easier to wear. Even in the blue and black version, these are ideal for a romantic evening or an outing with friends, making them the trump card for a minimal, sophisticated style.

Not to mention the great must-have of the season: the floral shirt, a guaranteed success with its long list of gritty prints, inspired by natural landscapes in autumnal shades, or micro prints that pull up a look with a balanced mix of colours, from cool to warm shades, suitable for every personality and every skin tone.


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