BORN TO THE SHIRT: 4 icons from yesterday and today, and 4 timeless styles


Have you ever wondered what makes a man an icon? A personality that is so strong it can influence entire generations with its style, thanks to an unrelenting desire to imitate it. This is how, from the great timeless classics to the more eccentric, people from the world of entertainment have always pulled the strings of taste and custom, increasing the value - even symbolic - of many wardrobe items, first and foremost, the beloved men’s shirt

Avvocato Gianni Agnelli marked an era, both in terms of style and the flamboyant wardrobe choices that made him stand out on non-official occasions, where he certainly didn’t mind putting himself at the centre of attention. Among the features that marked him out as an ambassador for Italian style throughout the world, we cannot forget the watch worn over his - preferably mitred - shirt cuff, and a weakness for button-down collars, together with blazer and trouser combinations, all the result of his own creative style.

Among the timeless charmers, we have Steve McQueen from across the pond, a male icon linked to the American dream. Pioneer of intentionally sloppy elegance, worn with casual style, a key element of his most famous looks that would go on to symbolise free, cool style, even in our times. The denim shirt, worn over a white T-shirt, with leather jacket and bandanna, or even under a suit, closed with a stylish slim tie. 

Pharrel Williams one of the new generation of singer-songwriters and a man with a passion for fashion, has designed capsule collections for Adidas, Chanel, and many other brands that can’t wait to put his name to their items because they know they will be flying off the shelves as soon as they arrive. His looks are a tribute to joy and positivity, and colour is his hallmark. That's why his passion always falls on shirts with multicolour prints, featuring floral, jungle or digital graphic designs. But even on a truly personal interpretation of the shirt and tie, under eccentrically patterned jackets and colourful hoodies.

And now onto Gen Z. Harry Styles has definitely been one of the personalities of the year when it comes to cover space on magazines all over the world. Idolised by the the youngest generation, Styles is able to give a natural interpretation to all kinds of looks, from ultra-refined elegance to the super transgressive, with a the right dose of irony to make sure he doesn’t look ridiculous. And in this way, his outfits are always a great success, from gender-fluid shirts with Victorian-style collars, accompanied by a string of pearls, and eccentric, oversized bowling shirts. An unfair fight when faced with a personality such as his, which will always have the upper hand.

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