Breathable shirts: the best fabrics for summer.


Are you ready for summer, or are you still caught up in your work? Are you just waiting to feel the cool sea breezes, or are you all about the air conditioning? Whatever your idea of summer, there’s a wealth of different solutions to get you through it with comfort and elegance. The important thing is to know the best fabrics and materials to help you keep cool. We can guide you through the endless weaves and textures to find the lightest, most breathable fabrics for a summer with style and comfort.

The elegant, carefree look of linen, a hardwearing fabric with fibres that quickly wick away most moisture. Linen has a history going back thousands of years and thanks to its 3-dimensional texture, it is able to keep us feeling cool and fresh, adding its casual chic style to any look. Ideal for a weekend out of town.

Another perfectly cool, lightweight and breathable fabric is the one used on our Active-shirts. Made with an innovative structure consisting of a polyamide and elastane yarn, this fabric gives you excellent comfort and perfect freedom to move, following the body naturally without feeling too snug, even on the hottest days.

Lightweight, cool cotton is definitely an excellent choice when dealing with the summer heat.  Our stretch poplin shirts with 96% cotton, in particular, have a totally natural feel on the skin, together with the great comfortable feel that cotton is able to transmit. Shirts that are perfect whatever the season, thanks to their breathability and flexible styles, that make them ideal for contemporary and elegant summer wear.

Also in cotton, we have our leno weave, also known as “waffle weave”, which is one of the most breathable shirt fabrics. The fabric that’s all about summer, with a texture that feels light and cool on the skin. The weave, which is like a honeycomb, has a characteristic visual effect, as well as a particular brightness and breathability. Leno weave shirts are perfect when it comes to creating a casual look, such as when paired chinos and sneakers, but also ideal in a more formal context, such as under a deconstructed jacket.

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