Buying shirts on-line that fit with this unbeatable method


Shopping on line is easy, fast and often cheaper. You can complete a purchase in a matter of minutes, and it is then sent to your home a few days later. In addition to this convenience, you also have the option of buying discounted clothes or items that cannot be found in the shops near you.

Buying shirts on line has, therefore, become a means of shopping, which we can no longer live without. Unless, of course, you are held back by the doubt that afflicts those buying off the web at least once: “how can I be sure that what I am buying will fit properly?”
Due to the intrinsic specifications of its cut and fit, numerous aspects come into play when trying on a shirt that are not taken into consideration with other items of clothing, such as the width of the cuffs or the neckline. There is a solution and it is as easy as purchasing on line. You don’t need anyone to help you, only a measuring tape and a shirt.

Measuring a shirt you already own, preferably the same size as the one you want to buy, is the ideal way to start shopping for men’s shirts on line.
Choose the item of clothing and place it on a flat surface, then take the following measurements:
- neck: unbutton the shirt, spread out the collar by placing it on a table and use the measuring tape to measure from the button hole to the centre of the button;
- chest circumference: button the shirt up again, lay it down on a flat surface with the front part facing upwards and run the measuring tape horizontally from one armhole to the other. Multiply the number obtained by 2;
- waist circumference: keep the shirt buttoned, smoothed out and in the same position, and horizontally arrange the measuring tape between the last and second last button, measuring from one hip to another. Once again multiply the number by 2;
- sleeve length: keeping the shirt buttoned up and smooth as it is, measure from the shoulder stitching to the end of the sleeve, including the cuff;
- shirt length: spread the buttoned shirt with the front part facing downwards and place the measuring tape at the centre of the shirt back, measuring from the shirt’s collar down to the hem.

Now that you have all the data, you can compare it with the measurement table in the Xacus e-shop, where you will find instructions for each of the five fits that characterise each on line shirt found in our e-store.
Now you have no more excuses for not buying your shirts on line: visit the Xacus e-shop.

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