Casual or formal? How to wear a man’s shirt on any occasion.


Shirt’s have always been the one item that makes a difference, reflecting the style of the wearer, according to the way they are worn. Shirts can be the height of elegance or become rock, trendy, or even country, depending on what they are worn with. Shirts can accompany any occasion, from the most formal, to casual or sporty, The more traditional among you will probably think that a shirt is something to wear tucked inside trousers, although these rules are rather old fashioned now, since today there are lots of ways to wear a shirt outside your trousers, The important thing is to know when and what to wear with it.


A casual look with your shirt outside your trousers

It’s absolutely fine to wear your shirt outside your trousers when the setting is informal or not professional, such as dinner with friends or a weekend in the country, where a check flannel shirt is perfect over a t-shirt and jeans. Another factor to consider is that not all shirts can be worn outside trousers; usually, the ones designed for this purpose are a slim fit, with a squared hem, no longer than the bottom of the back pockets on the trousers.

A formal look with shirt tucked in

There are some occasions where an elegant shirt is required, tucked into trousers and not obeying this rule would be considered a serious breach of etiquette or lack of respect for a special event or a formal celebration. Namely we are talking about ceremonies, from weddings to graduations, but also professional events in the business world, for interviews, client meetings or company functions where an elegant pale blue shirt in poplin, worn with a dark blue suit and classic lace-up shoes is the perfect outfit for occasions when elegance is what counts. There are also events that are not particularly formal or not linked to work, where, if you want to look your best, it is still preferable to wear your shirt tucked into your trousers, such as a first date, dinner at an elegant restaurant or an evening at the theatre. Elegant or tailored men’s shirts are actually designed to be tucked into trousers and have a deep asymmetric drop hem that can be tucked in properly without any danger of it coming out from the trousers.


If you want to choose your perfect look, whatever your style, then we suggest you think about the context, such as work for example, which can be more or less formal, and then decide which suits. Finally, as far as colours are concerned, if you want to be sure of getting it right, then opt for classical neutral shades, from black to brown, grey to pale blue, and beige to blue.

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