Chemisiers - an icon of femininity created from the evolution of men’s shirts


The name chemisier says it all and, in the language of those who invented it, refers to a female version of men’s shirt, albeit with lengths, designs and details that have never looked so good on women.
It was created by Monsieur Hubert De Givenchy, the designer who had a brotherly relationship with Audrey Hepburn, for whom he created the first chemisiers, making them coveted by other classy icons all over the world, such as Jane Birkin and Jackie Kennedy, just to mention a few. Its belted waist and Italian masculine collar - in contrast with the wide full skirts that made women’s legs more curvy and feminine - were revolutionary for the time.
It was the 1950s, and Givenchy was not the only one to realize how much this revolutionary garment made women’s body more sensuous, without uncovering them more than necessary. The chemisier’s success continued with increasingly sophisticated versions, on Dior, Mc Queen and Italian runways, until today. 

The creation adapted for contemporary women, use bold or fine materials, such as leather, lace and silk, in long or midi dress versions. However, what everybody agrees on is its fit: perfect for both lean and curvy women, especially with those chemisier models that, without a waist belt, represent the perfect harmony between class and comfort, and are particularly cherished during the warm season.
The context defines the right shoes: this garment is perfect both for sporty canvas sneakers, for flat or platform shoes, and for classic five-inch heels, about which Marilyn said that they made women 50% more confident and 100% more sexy.

Its undeniable bon-ton was the reference style note for many films that have made history, such as the white chemisier with red profiles and buttons of The Garden of the Finzi-Continis protagonist, whose evergreen taste is still referenced as a sign of everlasting class and femininity.

Linen chemisiers are a guarantee, for the light and breathable yarn that can be used for many purposes, all day long, without losing its impeccable shape.
The classic striped version with Italian collar is the classiest adaptation of men’s shirts, perfect for a woman with a strong personality, and enhanced by a solid colour belt and tan leather ankle boots. Maxi floral prints are this season’s trend, from the most colourful and stylized ones, to more minimal models, they have expanded the offer of this versatile icon dress, from classic two-ply poplin, to light fabrics such as silk that fall sinuously on slender bodies; we can’t never have enough, because “when in doubt” a nice chemisier is the answer.

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