Colin Firth’s white shirt: a mix of British appeal and Italian elegance


He has a British pedigree but he’s Italian at heart. When the magnetic Colin Firth is won over by the charm of Italy – home to the actor and his wife – Italy takes great pride in welcoming him along with the innate elegance he exudes with ease, both on and off the screen.

Colin Firth’s key to success is his natural appeal, with its refined spontaneity also appearing through the roles he plays. All his characters have a different story to tell but they have one single point in common as regards their style: the white shirt, an essential element for those who, like Colin Firth, find nobility not in a film-script, but in their own DNA. In the role of Harry Hart in Kingsman, the actor displays the bearing of a perfect English gentleman: pinstriped jacket and trousers, a strictly white shirt and blue striped tie make up the wardrobe of a secret agent who inherits to all intents and purposes the role and the class of the first James Bond. At the Venice Film Festival, Colin Firth won best actor nomination with A Single Man, the university professor who, from behind his dark glasses, also gives lessons on style in his lecture theatre, wearing a two-piece suit, classic white shirt and skinny tie with contrasting tie-pin. Firth’s career has been a constant success story, culminating with the achievement of the Oscar for best leading actor in The King’s Speech. His portrayal of the historic figure of King George VI in this film is impeccable, as we see him wearing the high-class tailoring adopted by the British monarchy in the first half of the 20th century: here, the white shirt reigns supreme, contrasting with a dark double-breasted jacket combined with braces, tie and top-hat in the same colour shades.

Wearing a crown on your head is not enough, however, to earn the reverent admiration of your audience. Colin Firth shows this both under the spotlight – where he displays the inevitable dinner jacket with black bow-tie – and in his everyday life, when he wears a button-down white shirt outside his trousers: this more comfortable version of a unique, unmistakeable style, together with a courteous and refined manner, symbolises a timeless elegance.

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