Create your made-to-measure shirt with My Concept


Every person is unique. Our DNA tells us so. And everyone can wear a unique shirt thanks to My Concept.
This is an exclusive service from Xacus that lets you create your own made-to-measure-shirt: a top quality creation, sewn by needle, where every single detail is all about you. It is a garment that is yours alone, which expresses your own distinctive style and taste.

My Concept kit consists of 12 collars with different consistency, height, and shape, plus a book of 150 fabrics with different types, designs and colours. The outstanding materials are the elegant English fabrics by Thomas Mason and some very original prints.

You can also customise your made-to-measure shirt by choosing special combinations of fabrics for collars and cuffs, selecting the colour of the buttonholes and even having your initials embroidered. And you can even choose to apply elegant Australian mother-of-pearl buttons, engraved with your name and surname to make this shirt even more exclusively yours.

Each part of the shirt is made to fit your shape: collar, shoulders, chest, waist, sleeves, cuffs and length are tailored to suit your measurements and your shape.
Just two weeks after ordering, you can wear your creation, which you will receive in a lovely personalised case.

My Concept is available from all Xacus authorised retailers and soon you will also be able to purchase it online.
Contact us to find out stores where this service is offered.

Are you ready to unleash your inner fashion designer?

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