Denim and checked men’s shirts: lots of outfits for a stylish autumn


Shorter days and slightly lower temperatures, autumn is arriving and even if it is time to renew your wardrobe, there are some men clothes that are always comfortable and fashionable. Some examples?

Unmistakable due to its typical indigo blue colour, all men should own a denim shirt because it is comfortable and versatile, and can be worn even with haute couture pieces. A washed-out denim shirt worn over a white T-shirt is a causal wear classic. With sleeves rolled up to the elbow and completely unbuttoned it turns into a shirt jacket, ideal for wearing with a pair of beige chinos and white sneakers.

An alternative way to wear a denim shirt is with jeans. However, for this type of outfit very precise style rules should be followed: the wash of the denim shirt and jeans should be different and the shades of blue broken up with, for example, a pair of brown leather ankle boots. Lastly, the denim shirt’s strong point lies in its versatility and the wearer’s sense of ease. In fact, it can become a key piece of very elegant outfits. How? By choosing a shirt with a dark wash, and perhaps a pattern, to wear with jacket and trousers of the same tone and a pair of shoes in black leather.

Another evergreen for the transition between summer and winter is a checked shirt, an autumn classic. In flannel or cotton, there are different versions in many colour combinations, from the classic red and black or black and white to more lively mixes of colour such as white, orange and grey. The checked shirt is an icon of the ‘90s and the pop culture of that period. It was precisely this cool effect that made it a must-have in a man’s wardrobe.

This piece is a multitasker for those who want a comfortable, casual look that is alternative and on trend. The checked shirt like the denim shirt is great worn unbuttoned over a classic white crew neck T-shirt, with comfortable jeans or chinos; the perfect outfit for weekends and spare time. They take on a more urban connotation if worn under a bomber or black leather jacket.

In the menswear world, denim and checked shirts never go out of fashion. They will be key pieces in this year’s autumn winter collections of men’s shirts, which are already beginning to appear in shop windows and online.

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