Evening shirts at Sanremo 2022


This has been the most interesting and colourful Sanremo edition ever, by all accounts. The press, and the young and adult audience alike, were glued to their TV sets for the entire festival duration, either for the characters that Amadeus chose to share the stage, or for the musical selection extended to include the taste of new generations, expertly mixed with Festival's veterans, beloved by Italian mums.
But we know that one of the highlights of the Festival della Musica Italiana is its spectacular outfit variety: sumptuous dresses, and tuxedo reinterpreted for the stage stars by international designers and stylists. The men’s shirt persists, in its classier version, with sequinned or brocade tuxedos.

Amadeus - undoubtedly the best representative on stage of the white formal shirt - wore it under the eye-catching outfits designed and embroidered with crystals by Gai Mattiolo, in the Kent collar version with bow-tie. His ultimate choice to showcase his ideal evening shirt, avoiding the classic tuxedo neck, in this edition. And a choice continued also by his historical friend Rosario Fiorello, who entertained the Ariston Theatre stage with satin black suits and contemporary-style graphics, designed by Giorgio Armani. And what about the shirts? The showman chose a tone-on-tone total black shirt, with a Kent collar and bow-tie look. This year, the hosts’ mood followed a less-than-classic road, perhaps to draw closer to young people's taste?


Maybe. And it looks like Mahmood had the answer. Apart from winning the Festival, alongside the young Blanco, in this 72nd edition gathered lots of praise for his sophisticated and cool look, by bringing a new-generation elegance concept on stage. With his white shirt, lit-up by swarovsky cufflinks on the collar tips and on the cuffs, he made one of the most classic menswear item super cool, with a little courage and a dash of flair.

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