Familiarise yourself with shirt fabrics: twill, eclectic fabric


It is easy to recognise twill and it is easy to fall in love with it: it is a versatile, distinct fabric that adds a touch of sparkle to the shirt it is made with.

Twill, a fabric with a number of unusual features, is achieved by intertwining threads in such a way as to create a 45° angled structure. Basically, the warped threads link the weaves following a diagonal direction.
This fabric identifies an exact weave known as twill. This is why twill is often referred to using this term, or as serge, levantine and whipcord.
The unusual feature of twill comes from its reflections: its diagonal structure gives it a shimmering effect which makes all the difference especially in plain coloured shirts.
As well as twill twisted around, there is also a herring bone variation. In this case, the direction of the threading is inverted every half centimetre to create a zig-zag design and a special optical effect.

The twill fabric is highly resistant, but less elastic than others. One other quality is that of keeping its crease: the items created in twill remain perfectly ironed in a suitcase and are perfect for travelling.
Compared to the plain weave, the twill weave makes the fabric soft and delicate: a quality that should not be underestimated when in search of a comfortable piece of clothing.
Created mainly in cotton or silk, it can also be created with wool and linen for warmer or cooler shirts. The twill in silk has an even more marked opalescent reflection, ideal for formal events while the one created in cotton is used for more casual style clothing.

The pearl white, comfortable and long-lasting, twill shirts stand out because they provide such consistency. An attribute that makes all the difference to the style and on the occasion for those wearing it.
You can purchase our shirts made with this fabric at the Xacus e-shop: search for your favourite one by setting the “Yarn” filter and selecting “Twill”.

  • Manetti Sara
    Dovrei acquistare un paio di pantaloni in Twill... Siccome tendo sempre a prendere pantaloni che poi si allargano molto e non porto più... Vorrei sapere se questo tessuto cede molto o no! Grazie!
    • › Giada - xacus -
      Il tessuto di Twill è assolutamente fermo e non è soggetto a movimenti particolari di trama ed ordito, quindi, vai tranquilla, il twill è decisamente la scelta più appropriata!
  • Johne706
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