February: the perfect shirt that won't crease


Always looking neat and tidy is a basic requirement for those who often travel for work. The Wrinkle Free man’s shirt arises out of the union between hand-processing and advanced materials technologies.
It forms part of the Travel Shirt (non-iron) collection which, as the name implies, is aimed at businessmen who move around a lot from town to town.

What makes this man’s shirt unusual and unique is that it stays perfect and crease-free for the whole day, because it exploits the temperature and humidity of the body to keep the fabric flat and in perfect condition. Long journeys with a safety belt pressing on one’s chest, putting on and taking off one’s jacket, bending, sitting down at a table – all these are operations that ruin the ironed finishes of your shirt.
The cotton fabrics used for this man’s shirt come from top-class raw materials, combed yarns and double twists that make its fibres breathable and make this non-iron shirt unique in its comfort and long life.
So imagine that you are impeccably dressed with a perfect shirt for the whole day.

The styles available in the Wrinkle Free shirt range differ in their wearability – Evolution classic, Custom tailor fit and Slim fit – and in the collar – Italian or French. They are all needle-sewn shirts with removable stiffeners, following the best sartorial tradition.

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