Flannel shirt: softness and warmth


Flannel is a soft, very warm fabric with a smooth surface.

Its specific characteristic is its surprising softness and its great ability to warm the wearer, in spite of it being quite a light material, and this makes it ideal for winter wear.

Flannel is made by processing cotton in a special way.

It has a slight layer of pile and that is how it traps air and acts as heat insulation.
Flannel undergoes three specific finishing treatments: fulling, or in other words, felting; netting, which is a form of brushing to extract the nap, and combing, which sets all of the pile in the same direction.
Another distinctive feature of cotton flannel is its notable strength, which makes it a very long-lasting fabric.

There are different versions of flannel, which are classified according to the way they are made, such as wool blend with cotton, or based on the pattern, such as checked flannel, striped flannel, and Jacquard flannel, i.e., stitch bonded with a geometric design.

Cotton flannel has also inspired Xacus to create some of its shirts in this fabric that is so soft, it is just like a warm embrace.


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