Flannel, the perfect fabric for shirts for this cold season


In the November article we talked about velvet being one of the textile protagonists of the autumn-winter collections. This month we would like to introduce you to another great ally of the cold seasons, flannel. This fabric, particularly suitable for shirts, is made using a particular cotton processing technique called teazling, which gives the material the capability to keep the wearer warm. In addition, flannel is by nature a fantastic thermal insulator, capable of retaining heat and air, and for this reason garments made of this fabric can be worn comfortably on cold windy days.

There are many versions of flannel and what distinguishes them is precisely the process that has three finishing treatments: fulling or matting, teazling, which consists in brushing the fabric in order to extract the pile and combing. On the basis of the variation in these processes different types of shirt fabrics can be obtained: cotton and wool flannel, carded flannel, realized with a thicker thread and suitable for a sporty look, or combed flannel which is finer and more elegant.

For some models of the new collection of Heritage shirts we have used checked knop flannel, a special shirt fabric made by the well-known Cotonificio Albini exclusively for Xacus. This is a lightweight, extremely warm material featuring a particular structure and bright fashionable colours such as yellow,red,blue, green and brown. A vintage colour palette for a sporty casual look of 1950s America. These flannel shirts are a must for cold days: wear them over a T-shirt, with jeans or chinos and a padded jacket for an outing in the city or the mountains with friends.

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