Folding your jacket in a suitcase: three ways to keep it intact


It is not long now until the Christmas festive period, during which time a lot of us will go on holiday. If you are one of these people, it is possible that you may decide to take a jacket with you, perhaps for Christmas, New Year's Eve or another special event. It may be useful to know how to fold your jacket in a suitcase, to prevent it getting creased and having to iron it again. If, on the other hand, you do not go on holiday, this advice can be of use if you travel for work or if you are going to a particular event.

The first way to fold an elegant jacket in a suitcase is ideal if you do not have much space: as well as reducing creasing, it reduces the thickness of the item of clothing that flattens out.
Start by holding out one of the two shoulders: with the jacket in your hand, hold one of the two shoulders still under the arm and extend the other outwards. Then bring the other shoulder inside the latter, smooth out the collar and ensure that the jacket has been folded down the stitching length ways. Lastly, fold the jacket horizontally and place it in your suitcase.
It can stay like this for a number of hours without creasing: the important thing is not to place too much weight on top.

If this procedure seems a bit too complicated, here is a simpler, faster way to fold a jacket in a suitcase. Basically, you treat it like a shirt: place it on a table with the front part facing down and fold the sleeves behind the back so that they are slightly overlapping in the middle. At this stage, fold the jacket in half horizontally and you will obtain a square shape.
The space taken up is the same as the previous method, though this way it is more likely that creases will form where the fabric crosses over. This is a faster way but the jacket folded in this fashion cannot stay in the suitcase for too long.

The last way to fold a man’s jacket in a suitcase does not involve any creases! In this case, we achieve a roll because the jacket is rolled up into itself. Starting from the same crease as in the first method - one shoulder inserted inside the other - roll the jacket from the top downwards. This way the item of clothing will be delicately folded and will not present any creases.
There is one single disadvantage and, that is, that the roll is bulkier so if you do not have much space this is not the best method to use. If, on the other hand, you have a spacious suitcase, you can make the most of this to insert a t-shirt, pair of pants or socks in the roll: you will recuperate a little space this way!

Now you are ready to depart: enjoy the holidays, dinners and events without worrying about having to iron your jacket. As soon as you remove it from your suitcase, it will be perfect and ready to wear immediately.

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