For Valentine's Day, a shirt is a guaranteed success


Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse. If winter sales are not enough, tradition has it that we devote a little more attention on the day of love, from young couples full of expectations, to solid ones that take advantage of this occasion to give each other sometime and renew their love vows.
To avoid useless purchases, which will soon be forgotten, the best solution is conquer and let yourself be transported by the Italian allure and savoir-faire of the perfect shirt - useful in every occasion, for women and men alike.
40% sales here at Xacus on a wide variety of models, to interpret men and women's endless personalities. From classy to casual, and even more athletic personalities who don't want to give up style, even in their leisure time. Among great classics, with their evergreen elegance - such as the ubiquitous white or Merino fabric striped shirts - poplin pattern shirts are the new trend, with an increasing variety of choices for men and women who love to stand out at work and in their free time.

hey have a common denominator: the French collar, which has made everyone happy in the last few years, both in professional setting and for casual shirts, with a softer structure. Floral pattern shirts become a new trend, under the jacket or alone, any time of the day. For tradition lovers, we recommend micro houndstooth shirts with their perfect fit, a great classic under a suit or mismatched jacket and pants, with an additional twist compared to plain white or light blue shirts.
The most cross-sectional and popular among VIPs and glossy magazine in this winter trends, to enjoy outside, in front of a crackling fire, is the chequered shirt - also called lumberjack shirt - which went beyond the classic country style, and conquered the metro streets, also under a jacket - preferably velvet - or a thin V-neck cardigan, for a typical English gentleman look.
In short, shirts have never been so appealing, thanks to the irresistible mix of variants, that makes you want to get a new wardrobe. It is a tempting offer for a gift, or for the perfect evening outfit. Xacus will make everything special, with a classy box and custom embroidery, just a click away, online!

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