Formal shirts for the chic man


With a long history behind it and featuring elegant details or simple refinements, the men’s formal shirt is in the spotlight when it comes to different, classy outfits.
For the most important occasions, here are three types to choose from: morning dress shirt, tailcoat shirt, and evening dress shirt.

Morning dress shirt

A morning suit is worn in the afternoon, for occasions such as weddings or important horse racing events. The shirt must have a starched collar and the front almost entirely concealed by an ascot or plastron, a type of cravat for men or women. The dress shirt can also have a soft, turn-down collar, accompanied by a classic silk tie or plastron.
This type of men’s shirt, usually in poplin or pique fabric, has removable buttons and double or French cuffs.

Tailcoat shirt

Of the shirts currently in use, this is the shirt with the longest history, because the tailcoat itself has remained unchanged since the early 19th century.
The collar on this type of shirt is tall, starched and with more or less long tips.
In its most classic version, it has a bib stitched to the front, giving it a rigid, compact effect.
This shirt is perfect when accompanied by a white bow tie. It has removable buttons in gold or platinum, with or without diamond studs, and it may have button holes to secure the shirt to trousers, as well as French cuffs.

Evening dress shirt

Like the morning dress shirt, the evening model may have a diplomatic collar, which is high, stiff and with turned down tips. This formal shirt, unlike the models from the 1930s, does not have a removable collar, and it may have precious buttons that are not removable.
The front is pleated, while the cuffs – which can be simple or double – are fastened with cufflinks.

For a gala evening, an important ceremony or a chic event, the choice of shirt needs to be the right one, since it is able to reflect the mood of the occasion and bring out the best of the outfit you’re wearing.

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