Francy, the patterned shirt for your may outfits


May comes in on an explosion of colour, where the warm season is reflected in the lively effervescence of an outfit by Xacus.
That is how we want to get ready for summer, with style and verve.

And this is why we are presenting a woman’s outfit that catches the eye for its fresh, original style.

From the first, the inventive style of the Francy shirt is easily noticed. This woman’s shirt has a soft and stretchy insert in grey mélange jersey, creating interesting style effects with contrasting fabrics.
Francy is made using the fil coupé technique, with delightful contrasting embroidery, where the geometric pattern stands boldly out from the white fabric, for immediately eye-catching results.

The colour of the shirt pattern colour makes a return on the cotton-linen blend wraparound skirt that flows gently down to mid leg, accompanied by a pair of grey sneakers with a simple, sober style.

The versatility of the Francy shirt means it can be paired with anything; it looks fantastic with denims or over some cotton leggings to match the grey mélange jersey insert. And to bring the look together? Might we suggest a pair of red patent combats for that timeless, perfectly sexy result?

An outfit that is a rhythmic combination of alternated layers, where colours are repeated in different items to create an overall effect that moves gently away from traditional style.

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