From the flannel to the white shirt: the best October/November 2018 editorials


As for every month, we have selected and gathered all the pages of the most influential fashion magazines that feature Xacus shirts for you. Let’s have a look at the best recent editorials.

The checked flannel shirt is the queen of the season

The October press review decreed the must-have garment of the autumn-winter 2018 season to be the Heritage collection checked nubby flannel shirt: Icon and Fashion Issue heralded the particularity of the yellow shirt; GQ Italia chose the red checked shirt for the workwear worn by the actor Arturo Muselli – one of the protagonists of the Gomorra series. Lastly, the loose fit and warm tones of the brown flannel shirt are the stars of Gentleman & Lei.

The class and elegance of the white shirt

From an ultra-casual piece, the checked flannel shirt, to the elegance of the white shirt. In fact, the latter is the main star of the November press review. Style Magazine chose the spread collar model with contrasting buttons, teamed with a formal black dress. In Esquire and Icon we find two different proposals for career men. The irreverent Oliviero Toscani in Esquire provides us with a shot that focuses on the classic office outfit: Xacus white shirt, two-piece suit and tie, rendered playful with a pair of sunglasses and large rapper-style necklaces. Whereas in Icon, the white shirt is combined with an elegant suit and trench coat: a classic outfit chosen by men who love to always be impeccable and refined. Lastly, Gentleman celebrates the shirt in all its forms: from classic to sporty, this garment has many little details that make it an icon of elegance.


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