From the man’s white shirt to overcheck weaves: the best December 2018 editorials


New Year, new look! Revolutionizing your outfit means going in search of the latest trends but it is also a question of letting oneself be inspired by the fashion trends of recent months. Hence the best Xacus December editorials: a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of the most respected magazines in the fashion world.

A man’s white shirt is the best companion for an elegant suit

Under a soft frilled woman’s suit, worn with a poplin trench and a man’s red single breasted suit: the Xacus shirt chosen by Gentleman & Lei is white. In fact, the white man’s shirt lends itself to be teamed with formal outfits, suits with original details and unusual combinations. For example, a checked suit worn with a bomber jacket with contrasting leather and suede inserts and studs. In the Spanish magazine, Condigo, Christmas and New Year are occasions for the utmost elegance: a black velvet suit with a double-breasted jacket, wide lapels and a bow tie in the same shade, combined with a white Xacus shirt, the ideal garment to frame and set off the face.

The overcheck shirt for an urban street outfit

From total white to overcheck in a flash, what doesn’t change is the style. This is what GQ Italy thought in December: under a jacket and a velvet waistcoat – a must-have for the winter – a white man’s shirt highlights the warm tones of an elegant outfit, suitable for a man looking for refined originality. However, sophisticated men also wear leather jackets, jeans and combat boots: the musician Andrea Biagioni, chosen as the star of the GQ Italia fashion service, bears witness to an urban street style that focuses on the man’s overcheck shirt, a casual but very original garment that perfectly reflects the creative and artistic essence of those who choose to wear it.

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