From the masters of “Made in Italy” wool comes the collection of easy-iron shirts: the Merino-shirts


The Journey Collection isn’t simply a collection of men’s shirts, but the real epitome of high technological content in the tailoring field, designed for those who are always travelling. Xacus combines practicality and elegance into an uncompromising synthesis, creating to men’s shirts that, when worn, will always look as neat as if they have been freshly ironed.

Technological innovation made with merino

This is the context for the new collection which we have named Merino-shirt, originating from our prestigious collaboration with Reda, masters of processing “Made in Italy” wool since 1865. The Merino-shirt stays free of creases from the early morning until late evening; it’s breathable, odourless, able to protect the body from sudden changes in temperature thanks to its heat-regulating property and is conveniently machine-washable. In short, it’s a real expression of technological innovation in pure Italian style.

From New Zealand, a sustainable choice

All the men’s shirts in the Merino-shirt collection are manufactured 100% with New Zealand merino wool, sustainably and without resorting to the technique of “mulesing”. The wool that goes to create these garments is “ethical” and is guaranteed by ZQ Merino certification: ZQ sheep graze “freely” on extensive farms on the hilly territories of New Zealand, and lead a healthy, natural life.

High quality and maximum performance, while keeping a close eye on the ecosystem

The wool for the men’s Merino-shirt is selected and produced through the sustainable management of environmental, economic and social resources, safeguarding the wellbeing of people and animals. This is why the merino wool fibres are of very high quality and guarantee maximum performance.

Promoting all-round wellbeing

The sustainable agriculture supported by the Xacus project is also closely linked to the health and wellbeing of our farmers, of their families, workers and the local community. The ZQ program promotes the safety of those who live and work on the farms or who visit them. ZQ natural fibre is fully traceable to the farms where it was blended, thus ensuring that it is of good quality and guaranteeing its authenticity. For us, it is important to ensure the highest quality standards for our wool and to be able to trace its provenance.

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