Getting to know men’s fabrics: shirts with Liberty of London prints


Make way for creative style and colours with the slim fit shirt created in Liberty London prints. A precise style and colourful prints on a white or matching background.  The patterns range from geometric elements through to naturalist subjects with plants and animals, and of course, paisley designs with references to oriental Indian and Japanese art.

The origin of the name comes from Arthur Lasenby Liberty, a shop worker from London who, in 1875, decided to open his own shop in the heart of the English capital, in Regent Street. It was one of the first department stores that sold fabrics, home furnishings and clothing. Liberty of London fast became a point of reference in terms of fashion and trends, a crossroads for the avant-garde in ultra-modern style.


In the shirt world and more generally, looking at fabrics, Liberty London shirts are usually in long fibre cotton, able to bring out the best of the fabric palette, adding brightness and sheen. It is used for casual, sporty and deconstructed slim-fit shirts, to be worn on their own or under a jacket during the warmer season.

Xacus interprets this mood with a series of blue poplin models with original, unique white prints. Shirts become a canvas that skims the body, dressing both smaller and wider sizes to perfection. The straight point collar adds a touch of casual elegance, enhanced by artisan details, such as single needle stitching with seven stitches per centimetre. The result is an outfit with a lived-in style that expresses its full potential when the Liberty shirt is worn over dark, slightly faded jeans, under a navy blazer.

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