Give the gift of style this christmas


Christmas is just around the corner and finding the perfect gift is always a challenge. You might have lots of ideas, but not many of them will be the right ones and even fewer will be perfect.

Some of us will have already thought of everything with weeks to go, while others prefer the thrill of the last-minute purchase.

Whether you are in the first or second group, this year you can take a look at our Christmas List, which has some excellent ideas for a festive season that is all about elegance. Have you thought about giving a shirt for Christmas?

These are the current on-trend gifts for men.

A shirt as white as snow, created in three different versions, from slim fit through to a softer style, with Italian collar. This shirt, stitched entirely with a single needle, is ideal for those with a sober, elegant style, and is a perfect match for any Christmas colour.

Alternatively, why not be a bit more daring with a blue shirt? A delicately elegant garment but with a more eclectic feel. The ideal shirt for a traditional New Year’s Eve party. Refined to perfection.

With the quality of a fabric by Albini Celeste, any shirt will be even more prestigious and unique. The ideal shirt for those who want to stand out from the crowd, who want their own, individual style.

A practical, useful gift is definitely the shirt without pleats. This is the no-iron (wrinkle free) shirt, ideal for the businessman who needs to look perfectly neat, with an impeccable style to last the whole day.

Absolutely exclusive style when it comes to cut and colour, the shirt in cotton melange is definitely the trend of the moment. Perfect for those seeking that fashionable look.

And finally, we have the shirt for special occasions, to be worn on life’s unforgettable occasions. It is synonymous with elegance, and at its finest with a nice pair of cufflinks.

Follow these tips and you won’t go wrong.

Happy Christmas.

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