Goodbye, 2016!


It’s time to draw the curtains on the year 2016.
For some it has been unforgettable, for others it has felt as if it would never end, and for others still it has simply flown in.
However it may have gone, we believe that it is only right to bid it farewell with style.
So get dressed for the occasion and leave an elegant mark, by following these tips to create a memorable outfit.

The Black & White look is undoubtedly an evergreen, perfect for evening occasions, both for men and for the fairer sex. But as this is not just any old evening, why not try a bolder style, perhaps disdaining the classic suit in favour of a leather jacket matched with lightweight wool trousers? A white shirt and a micro-houndstooth wool tie will create an elegant contrast that is sure to make all the difference.

At the end of the year, red is a must-have, whether it is an accessory or a piece of clothing. Sometimes, following tradition is nice, and this means wearing this magnificent colour that provides the perfect match for grey and green. Wear red with an air of stylish nonchalance and your look will have the perfect touch for the occasion.

You could also choose to be a little more daring, opting for a radical chic look: a slim-fit plain green shirt, buttoned up to the collar and worn without a tie, matched with slack beige trousers and a classic shoe in burgundy. Details sure to turn heads at the party.

For women who adore the classic style, there is the ideal garment for the occasion: a wonderful shirt in printed silk, with a ribbon-tie and ruched collar, to be worn with soft trousers in black cotton or a flared skirt.

And the modest, refined style also always makes an excellent impression, especially when it’s time to celebrate. So wear a slim-fit stretch cotton shirt with darts and match it with a black and white checked suit to create an interesting combination of colours with a stunning effect: the result will be flawless.

For men who love being the life and soul of the party, we recommend a cotton shirt with a Liberty London print, matched with plain-coloured trousers in cloth with braces and perhaps even a waistcoat. The spotlight will definitely be on you!

Parties with a Tyrolese theme have been the height of fashion over the last few years. A slim-fit white shirt with a small collar and wool tie will be the perfect match to wear with shades of beige. Wear it with wide wale trousers in wool, cut off just below the knee, and long thick white socks.

Welcome, 2017!

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