Green denim and innovative technology: the recipe for a sustainable shirt


The focus on creating increasingly sustainable garments or entire collections is now a  mandatory part of production from high-end brands. This means that responsibility and awareness go hand in hand with good taste and now, more than ever, it needs to be more than just an aesthetic value. Now, using different approaches, so-called sustainable fashion has become a part of the coolest, must-have collections, offering the marketplace an important signal that it’s time to make some firm changes.

Whether by regenerating fabrics to give them a new lease of life and new shapes, or research into natural dyes that won’t pollute the environment with materials that cannot be disposed of, Albini – sustainable textile industry pioneers in Italy - are constantly looking at new yarn manufacturing solutions, and new processing means that can increase the quality and ethical value of its products, which are used for the majority of Xacus shirt collections. 
Research into innovation, the starting point and the goal of Albini, to always get the best quality, together with an original, prestigious proposal gives us  organic denim, solid proof of the commitment to ethical production and constant research that are strong features of Albiate 1830, a brand that is part of the Albini Group.


These are denim fabrics made in 100% organic cotton of the finest quality, chosen by Xacus for its  denim shirts.

But what defines an organic fabric? If cotton is to be called organic, it needs to come from organic plantations that meet the following requirements:

  • The soil must have only been used to grow organic products for the three previous years;

  • The seed needs to be “GMO free”;

  • There must be no use of fertilisers, insecticides or chemical pesticides;

  • The defoliation must be natural.

Conditions that make the difference, creating value and quality for our soil and our skin.


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