Heritage, the new Xacus men’s summer shirt collection with an exotic touch


Short sleeves and tropical prints that stand out thanks to their vivid warm colours. The limited Heritage edition continues with a proposal of Hawaian and bowling oriented men's shirts, recently launched at Pitti Immagine Uomo 2018, which will be part of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection. Inspired by American summers in the Sixties and Seventies, Xacus has identified Hawaii as the location of the Heritage style: limpid sea surrounded by coconut palms, beaches crowded with intrepid surfers, a relaxed holiday mood while sipping a cocktail in a tiki bar to the notes of Surfin’ Usa by the Beach Boys.

Heritage is a hybrid capsule vintage collection, a mix of styles redesigned in a contemporary way for a wide public, from the young boy to the mature man. The key elements of these summer shirts for men are short sleeves, wide straight body, semi-spread collar, button-down collar and the two typical flat collars of the bowling and Hawaiian shirts, and the welt pocket for the Cuban model. With the range of fifteen shirts, seven plain and eight with tropical prints Xacus has perfectly recreated the atmosphere of the period with craftsmanship and attention to detail: new blends and special dyes, including the washed-out basket weave, and fine fabrics. The fabrics used for these men’s shirts: basket weave, the elegant Oxford weave, linen, poplin or micro Tencel are light fresh and refined, as well as soft and comfortable.

With Heritage, Xacus recounts and interprets the myth of the American summer with bright warm colours and exotic patterns where parrots, hibiscus flowers, palms and station wagons animate the soft wide cut of these shirts for men. How are they worn? They are perfect worn with the collar undone, a white T-shirt and a stylish pair of black trousers for a real Sixties look or with a scarf and linen suit, for a more formal uber-chic style.

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