High returns – The short sleeve shirt


The short-sleeved shirt is the real alternative to tshirt, when you don’t want to give up to those details that define style and fit, like a perfect buttoning, a neck that gives structure or like the effect given by a revers: is this the case of a bowling collar shirt that goes right with the short sleeve, especially if covered with floral prints and jungle connotations.
For many years this model shirt has not been very appreciated by the most important supporterss of the elegance rules, but since some seasons the famous style, worn by Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I., got back under the spotlight thanks to the most accredited fashion houses from the catwalks, who have chosen to relaunch the free and casual style on their summer look, combining this garment with comfortable shorts, espadrilles and sneakers. Even more comfortable the open shirt with t-shirt version, super comfy linen or cotton pants, to celebrate a midsummer evening with a cocktail on the rock.  

The most beautiful that have passed from the big screen to the history of the costume, are the ones worn by Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, where the tropical look, dominated by bright contrast, in a mix of stylized flowers and prints, gives his best with his unmistakable yellow aviators sunglasses and the fisherman hat. It’s the greatest expression of the hawaiian shirt, with sideslits and its squared cut, which makes it even fresher even with a very hot temperature,remaining - for his conformation – detached from the body. But the short sleeve shirt has also caught on plain cotton shirts, practical, with applied pockets, reminiscent of the military shirt, to bring into a safari.
But also on the striped shirts in super light linen, to leave strictly out, because the only rule to wear a garment of character like this, is to understand its essence and respect it, or rather flaunt it! Outright!

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