#IMSTAYINGHOME: a quick guide to perfect wardrobe organisation.


While we’re on lockdown, we have all the time in the world to stay at home, so why not make use of this time to re-organise our wardrobe? If it's true that tidy on the outside means tidy on the inside, then creating a better-looking, more organised wardrobe can help boost our mood as well as keeping us busy for a few hours. So, let’s get on with it. First of all, we need to make sure we have some containers or bags we can use for sorting our clothes. Next, we can put on our favourite playlist and then get into the role of talent show judges and take a good look at what we’ve got!


Step 1: everything out!

First, we need to take our clothes out of the wardrobe and look at their condition Worn, damaged or crumpled clothes can go. With shirts we can see this from the collar and cuffs, which shouldn’t be worn or yellowing. Once we have taken everything out, we can sort it according to category and season, and in this way, we can store everything that out of season and replace it with summer items.

Step 2: in or out?

Now we can move on to the selection stage. If we find items that we don’t wear any more or which don’t fit, then we should put them to one side so that we can donate them to charity or give them to friends or family. We can use another bag for clothes that can be repaired so that we can take them to a dressmaker when this is possible. For items we aren’t sure what to do with, it is best to store them now rather than regret it later. Always try to prevent waste, though; don’t throw items away if they are in good condition. Remember, re-use and recycle is best.


Step 3: clean and tidy.

Now we’ve made some room in the wardrobe, we can clean it and wash our winter clothing before putting it away. Next, we need to hang up our shirts, trousers and jackets, arranging them in order of colour for a better optical effect. We also need to fold our T-shirts, tops and jerseys, so that we can put them away in drawers or on shelves, one on top of the other.

Step 4: a new look.

Once our wardrobe has a nice new look, we can move on to ourselves. By keeping everything tidy, we can see which items we still need to complete our summer outfits and make a to-buy list. Even if the shops are closed now, you can still make the most of our E-shop, where you will find all of the latest arrivals and the finest spring shirts from Xacus, so you can be sure to be ready to enjoy the warm weather as soon as it’s possible.

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