Informal men's shirts


Casual, sporty, brightly coloured or decorated in bold patterns, informal shirts represent another face of the vast universe of shirts, alongside formal shirts and chic models.
Today we are taking a look at the most suitable men’s shirts for informal occasions, along with the details that make them stand out.

Short-sleeved, plain shirts

The typically summer shirt with a simple and at the same time, versatile style, as it can be worn tucked into or outside the trousers and with or without a jacket.
Many US businessman love to wear it under a jacket, with a tie, while in Australia and Bermuda, officials and office workers wear it with shorts.
This linen or Egyptian cotton shirt has a breast pocket and a button-down collar, even if this latter can be replaced by a buttonless soft or stiff collar.

Short-sleeved shirts with pyjama collar

The particular collar on this shirt is the child of the softer collars worn in the early 19th century by poets such as Byron and Shelley, who refused to wear the stiffened, starched collars of the period.
The pyjama collar is all about comfort and practical wear because it is made so as not to have to be fastened at the neck. By staying open, it can be decorated with a scarf, which is slipped inside the shirt.
This casual shirt with double breast pocket also features side slits that mean it can also be worn outside the trousers.

Short-sleeved Hawaiian shirts

Also known as the “Aloha Shirt”, this bright model is based on the palaka, the white shirt worn by plantation workers in the early 20th century. It began to be decorated with floral and geometric motifs inspired by the tapa, the traditional dress of the Hawaiian Islands. These shirts were first of all bought by tourists during the 1920s and then produced on an industrial scale.
It is usually made in brushed printed cotton and is one of the typical summer shirts worn by men, with pyjama collar, wooden buttons and breast pocket.

Men’s denim shirts

The denim shirt appeared in the early 1960s.
Given the weight of the fabric, this shirt is ideal for wearing on summer evenings or over a T-shirt mid season.
It has a collar without stiffeners, a breast pocket, and an informal nature that does not limit its wear: under a blue blazer, it can become a distinctive feature in a more formal setting.

Now you know everything about informal shirts, you can choose the best one to suit your style and shape.

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