Initialled shirts: your own customised monogramme


Embroidered initials on a shirt (also known as a “monogramme”) are a way to enhance the worth of your garment, of making it even more your own.

But how did this custom originate? Large middleclass families or families from the nobility would have their clothes monogrammed to make them stand out from those of others. From underwear through to shirts, each item was identifiable.
Now this practical need has made way for a more aesthetic one.

Your initialled shirt can be customised in a wealth of different ways to suit your tastes.
Here is a short guide to choosing the right embroidered style for you.


There are two techniques used to add initials to shirts: hand or machine embroidery, with this latter mainly being used in industrial manufacture. Usually, monogrammes are used on tailor-made shirts, even if there is growing request for embroidered initials on non-tailored models.

Initials and monogrammes

In the majority of cases, each initial is followed by a full stop, although some prefer not to use this method. A monogramme is different, since it brings together two or more letters, woven together or overlapping, and used as a mark. The important thing is for it to be simple and easy to understand.


According to tradition, shirt initials are embroidered on the left side, midway between the chest and the waist, about 7 cm from the button strip, so as not to be visible under a jacket.
Alternatively, they can be stitched onto the cuffs.

Colour and letter style

The most popular styles are small letter print and cursive capitals.
It is essential to choose a colour that highlights the initials on the shirt or which creates a contrast with it. Colours that are too similar to those of the shirt itself are to be avoided.

Add value to your shirt: with the My Concept service it is possible to customise your shirt with initials to suit your style, choosing the position, letter type and colour.
Our online Shop also offers you the opportunity to add your initials, free of charge, to our range of ready-made shirts.

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